October 2017 Bullet Journal Setup

bullet journal hobonichi cover

It's a new month, which means it's time to set up my October spreads in my bullet journal! I didn't use my bullet journal very much in September because I didn't set up many useful spreads, and I was distracted by purchasing a new traveler's notebook which I quickly became obsessed with. However, I am determined to dive back into using my bullet journal on the daily!

I'm still using my Stalogy 365 A6 notebook which is protected by this pale blue Yocatech cover. Because I'm using a smaller notebook than the usual A5, which is what many bullet journalists use, I have to condense things down and spread everything over several pages.

october 2017 bullet journal setup

First up is my calendar, which gives me a bird's eye view on work, events, etc. It pretty much takes up the entire grid on both pages. I plan on keeping my bullet journal very minimalistic this time around, because my art journaling is going into my traveler's notebook. However, I couldn't help but sprinkle a few cute Halloween motifs here and there!

october 2017 bullet journal setup monthly spread

For all of my headers, I use the Stampendous Small Typewriter Alphabet stamp set with Tsukineko VersaMagic Chalk Ink in Midnight Black. The ink does not bleed through the thin paper, but it is not as bold as other stamping inks.

october 2017 bullet journal setup monthly spread

My handwriting is pretty tiny, but I like to add some brush calligraphy with my black Pentel Fude Touch Sign Pen. My pen of choice for my bullet journal is the Pilot Juice Pen (0.38mm). I highlight things with Zebra Mildliners, which come in amazing colors!

october 2017 bullet journal setup tasks and goals

For my tasks overview page, I categorize tasks by recurring monthly tasks, recurring weekly tasks, and tasks specific to this month. For my goals, I broke it down into personal, creative, and work goals, although my work goals are really more like tasks.

october 2017 bullet journal setup habit tracker

I have only tried to do a habit tracker twice before, in my very first bullet journal, but they didn't really look all that nice. So, I decided to try a new layout by creating a 7x5 grid for the month. I'll mark a dot for each completed habit with their corresponding color in these little unmarked calendars. Hopefully this helps me remember some things that I always forget (like taking my vitamins and watering my poor plants) and prompt me to do things I don't like to do (like work out and clean)!

bullet journal spread october 2017 work log

To keep track of my work hours—which are very unstable since I work on the weekends, evenings, and all hours of the day—I decided to create a work log. Purple is for my job as an Artist Educator at The Andy Warhol Museum, and aqua is for my independent work as an artist.

october 2017 bullet journal setup daily spreads

I'm trying something new with my daily pages! I was inspired by other folks' creative timelines. The Stalogy 365 notebook has a very faint time ladder down the left hand side of the page already, but I decided to create my own by listing out 6am through midnight. Each line represents one hour. In order to lay out my day, I block out certain tasks with my mildliners. Tasks that don't fit into the timeline, or can happen any time of the day, go at the bottom of the page. So far, I've designated yellow for errands and chores, green for the dogs, purple for my job, aqua for my creative endeavors, red for meals, and pink for fun.

october 2017 bullet journal setup daily spread

This way, I can lay out my ideal day. Of course, the day doesn't always turn out as planned, but I like to start my mornings off with a little timeline.

october 2017 bullet journal setup daily spread

I went ahead and marked the rest of the month's daily pages in true Stalogy 365 style (or Hobonichi style). It's only been 5 days of using my new system, but I can tell it's helping me stay organized and be more productive already! I hope I can keep the momentum going.

Let me know if you decide to use any of these bullet journal ideas! Happy October everyone!


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