Traveler's Notebook Flipthrough

Here is a quick video flipthrough of what I've done in my traveler's notebook thus far! Watch the video below or on YouTube:

I started using my traveler's notebook as an art journal in late September, and I've been trying to make a habit of journaling daily. So far I've been on track with the weekly notebook, jotting down a few significant things about each day. As for the blank grid notebook, I fill that in when the mood strikes. I'm pretty relaxed about this so called 'daily' journal. If I have the time, energy and inspiration to write & decorate a whole page that day, great! If my day is jam-packed with work, my dogs, social events, or life in general, I don't feel too guilty about missing a few days.

I'm loving the traveler's notebook system so far. The paper quality is fantastic, and I like how you can have multiple notebooks inside of the cover, switch out notebooks as needed, and set them up in any order you like. After I finish these notebooks, I plan on switching up my setup to keep it fresh.

A Side Note on Penmanship

A lot of people on Instagram have commented or asked about my handwriting and how neat it is. First of all, thank you so much! It actually took me quite a while to grow into my handwriting and like it. I've gone through many handwriting phases growing up, which might have something to do with my perfectionist tendencies. I had mandatory penmanship classes in school when I was 6 years old until 10 years old, and we had points taken off for sloppy writing. Ever since those early years I've been obsessed with having very neat, tidy handwriting. I would start a new notebook, decide that my handwriting wasn't good enough, and rip out pages or start a new notebook. Since then, I've learned to appreciate the quirks of my penmanship when I write faster, which would have bothered me ages ago. Like with many things, dedicated practice and repetition is the key to having neater handwriting. I have also found that writing smaller tends to help make handwriting seem neater. I might go more in-depth about handwriting with a video or blog post in the future!

My Journal

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