Journal with Me: November Weekly Spread in My Traveler's Notebook (VIDEO)

Today, I created a process video featuring a weekly spread in my traveler's notebook and chatted about some of the supplies I frequently use.

Stamping the Dates

To stamp the dates, I use two typewriter style alphabet stamp sets. The larger stamp set is by Recollections, and I purchased them at Michael's. The smaller set is by Stampendous, and I ordered this off of Amazon ages ago. To stamp the month in this undated weekly notebook, I use the larger stamp set. I peel off a single letter and place it onto an acrylic block. The stamp clings to the block, which is clear. This makes it easy to see where I'm stamping.

I use Brilliance Fast Drying Pigment Ink in Graphite Black by Dew Drop. Taking the ink pad, I gently dabbed it onto the stamp to coat it with an even layer of ink. Then, I applied even pressure to the acrylic block to stamp the letter. Taking a dampened paper towel, I cleaned the ink off of the stamp and put it back with the other letters. I like to stamp individual letters so that they can be positioned close together. For the dates, I used the same process using the numbers from the smaller typewriter stamp set. I stamped all of the 2's first, reapplying ink in between. Then, I finished up by stamping the other numbers.

Writing with a Fountain Pen

Most of the time, I write a few sentences about something significant that happened every day in my weekly notebook. Since the sections are small, it's easy to get into the habit of journaling daily. However, this week I totally neglected to do that, so I had to try and recall what happened last week. It was really difficult, and I had to piece together clues from my social media, texts, and asking people. It's astounding how little I can remember of what happened just a few days ago, which is all the more reason to write down memories every day.

To write the entries, I use a Pilot Kakuno fountain pen. It's my first fountain pen, and now, it's my most used writing utensil. I would  love to try other fountain pens in the future. I think that using one has helped me write more neatly. My handwriting has gone through many phases. Starting in first grade, I had mandatory penmanship classes in school. In all of our classes, points would be taken off for sloppy handwriting. So, from 6-10 years old, I had print and cursive practice for homework. The habit of practicing neat writing has stuck with me since then. I went through several phases where I wrote bigger, smaller, thinner, slanted, not slanted, until finally, I settled on what you see in this video. If you're interested in seeing some of my handwriting from the past, let me know. It seems like the most comments I get are about my handwriting!

Collaging, Stickering, and Adding Washi Tape

I ripped some scrapbook paper and pasted it onto the corner of my page. It’s a quick way to add some texture and interest to a blank page. I included a movie ticket stub for Thor: Ragnarok, which I watched in theaters on Thanksgiving. I printed these stickers out onto clear full sheet labels and cut them out. These cute graphics are from Creative Market. Most of the graphics available for purchase there can be used for personal projects like this one. The washi tape is from Tim Holtz, which I bought in a set at Michael's.

Brush Calligraphy

The Pentel Sign brush pen in black is my favorite pen for brush calligraphy. I wrote the word 'grateful' onto a sheet of kraft adhesive paper. This pen creates beautifully thick downstrokes when I apply pressure and nice thin upstrokes when I lift it off the page. This pen has lasted for several months and hasn't dried out in the slightest. I cut out the word and stuck it onto the paper using a bone folder to smooth it out. Below it, I decided to list out several things I am thankful for, since Thanksgiving has just passed. Speaking of which, I am very grateful for all of you who are following along my journal, sketchbook, and art journey!

All Supplies

Typewriter Alphabet Clear Stamps by Recollections (Michaels)
Stampendous Small Typewriter Alphabet Stamp Set (Amazon)
Inkadinkado Clear Small And Medium Blocks (Amazon)
Brilliance Fast Drying Pigment Ink in Graphite Black (Amazon)
Pilot Kakuno Fine Nib Fountain Pen (Amazon)
Leaf Stickers — Sweet Autumn Collection (Creative Market)
Tim Holtz Washi Tape (Amazon)
Avery Clear Full-Sheet Shipping Labels (Amazon)
Avery Kraft Brown Shipping Labels (Amazon)
Elmer's CraftBond All Purpose Glue Stick, Jumbo Size (Amazon)
Pentel Fude Touch Sign Pen, Black (Amazon)

My Journal

Traveler's Notebook Cover & Blank Insert (Amazon)
Free Diary Weekly and Memo (refill 019) (Amazon)
Grid Notebook (refill 002) (Amazon)
Connection Bands (refill 021) (Amazon)
Craft File Folder (refill 020) (Amazon)
Clear Zipper Pocket (refill 008) (Amazon)
Tim Holtz Leaf Charms (Amazon)


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