7 Watercolor Bookmark Ideas

If you love reading books (like me), or you know someone who is a bibliophile, then you can make these cute watercolor bookmarks for yourself or your friend. These are fun to make and can be used to mark your spot instead of using that napkin, receipt, ripped up paper, or heaven forbid, dog-earring the page. I made several of these bookmarks as gifts, long before I started the Sarica Studio blog. It's a great way to use up scrap watercolor paper. All you need are some strips of paper, watercolor paints, and a pen

1. Cute Cacti Bookmark

cute cacti bookmark

These three little cacti plants are in different cozy containers; each one is a primary color which gives contrast to the green plants. The lines are simple and it makes for a striking design.

(The last plant is actually a succulent...shh!)

2. Calligraphy Bookmark

calligraphy watercolor bookmark

All I did for this one was paint a solid block of color on the paper, and wait for it to dry completely. Then, using a pointed pen and sumi ink, I calligraphed the phrase 'read between the lines.' You could do this with a quote, someone's name, or your favorite character - the options are endless!

3. Vintage Camera Bookmark

watercolor vintage camera

This is one of my absolute favorite bookmarks, because I am very passionate about photography! I painted this using many shades of Payne's gray and black watercolors with just a hint of turquoise and red. I used a photo of a vintage camera as a reference, and I'd like to do a few more cameras for a series. I'm thinking about making a Polaroid camera bookmark and a more modern camera bookmark.

4. Ombre Calligraphy Bookmark

ombre watercolor calligraphy bookmark

This was fun! Choose a phrase and count how many words make up that phrase. To make the separated ombre effect, mix more water with the pigment to achieve a lighter hue of the same color, or like I did here, you can mix varying amounts of two colors to create an analogous ombre effect. Brush on a different shade for each word in your phrase. To get the negative space effect with the calligraphy, I used white ink.

5. Cat Nap Bookmark

cat nap watercolor bookmark

This was an idea submitted to me on my personal Instagram account when I first started making bookmarks. The person who came up with the idea is a huge cat lover, and I love how adorably simple this design is!

6. Watercolor Splash Calligraphy Bookmark

fell asleep here calligraphy bookmark

This is a variation of the watercolor calligraphy bookmark seen above! But, instead of just painting a solid block, I chose to create an abstract shape with a fluffy round brush instead of a flat wash brush. I switched up the calligraphy styles to provide more contrast in the text. I like the effect!

7. Detailed Rose Bookmark

detailed rose bookmark

This is a more time consuming, detailed illustration of a rose. After drawing the rose with a waterproof pen like the Sakura Micron pens, I emphasized the bud and the flower with two cavalier brush strokes of quinacridone red. The rose detail adds sophistication to a simple color scheme.

The options are endless...

a bunch of bookmarks

I kept making one bookmark after another, because they were so fun to make. I ended up with quite a collection, so I gave away many of these to my friends. It's a great last minute gift idea, especially around the holidays! Let me know if you have any bookmark ideas or if you decide to use any of these as inspiration!


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