Drawing Kittens: Art Process Video

Today's video features two of my favorite kitten friends—Ruby & Sawyer! I drew them as a gift for my friend (their mom) for her birthday, which falls on Christmas Eve. I sketched out the composition with graphite and then inked in these adorable kitties with my Pentel Aquash brush pen filled with sumi ink.

I am rather pleased with how this illustration turned out. Stay tuned for a vlog where I show you how I superimposed this drawing into a throw pillow!



Strathmore Bristol Pad (Amazon)
Prismacolor Turquoise Drawing Pencil (Amazon)
Pentel Aquash Brush Pen (Extra Fine) (Amazon)
Yasutomo Black Sumi Ink (Amazon)
Lamy Lx fountain pen & case (Rose Gold) (Amazon)
LED Artcraft Tracing Light Pad (Amazon)


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