Drawing a Puppy: Art Process Video

Today, I have a drawing for the dog lovers! Meet Hana, an adorable Alaskan Kleekai who lives in Boston. I inked this to create a pet pillow, using the same methods I used for the sleeping kittens pillow featured in my previous post. You can watch the speed drawing in my YouTube video below:

First, I looked through Hana's instagram account (managed by my cousins/Hana's parents). If you like following dogstagrams like me, you should follow @heysassyhana! Afterward, I drew a rough sketch in pencil, and then outlined it with sumi ink. Later on, I screenprinted this illustration onto fabric and created a throw pillow for my cousins' Christmas gift!

alaskan kleekai puppy drawing sarica


Strathmore Bristol Pad (Amazon)
Prismacolor Turquoise Drawing Pencil (Amazon)
Pentel Aquash Brush Pen (Extra Fine) (Amazon)
Yasutomo Black Sumi Ink (Amazon)
Lamy Lx fountain pen & case (Rose Gold) (Amazon)

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