DIY Chalkboard Bar Menu for a Fall Wedding

It's wedding season! I guess every season is technically wedding season, but it seems like more weddings happen in the fall. With the beautiful fall foliage, cooler temperature, and seasonal drinks like pumpkin beer, it's personally my favorite season for a wedding too! I was asked to hand letter several gorgeous vintage chalkboards for a wedding in October. My client scoured thrift stores for old paintings and mirrors with rustic frames and made chalkboards from them using good old chalkboard paint. She wanted a simple bar menu on this smaller, square chalkboard.

DIY chalkboard bar menu for a fall wedding

I started off with a predetermined layout to make sure everything fits. To do this, I drew out a first draft using a soapstone pencil. I used a very light hand so that any stray marks could be easily wiped away at the end. I brightened up the white lines in PhotoShop so that they would be visible, but in reality, you can just barely see my soapstone marks.

soapstone pencil diy wedding bar menu chalkboard
diy chalkboard bar menu for fall wedding

Next I used a liquid chalk marker to write everything out. You can see in this timelapse video that I used my soapstone guides for the most part, but I also diverged from it in some places when I saw fit.

Cotton swabs come in handy for erasing soapstone guidelines.

diy fall wedding chalkboard bar menu

And that's it! I have a few more chalkboards to create for this wedding and I can't wait to show you what they look like.