Arteza Art Supply Review

In today's video, I reviewed Arteza's real brush pens, water brush pens, watercolor paints, and fineliner pens. I hope you find this informative and enjoy the loose watercolor florals!

Arteza kindly sent me some of their products to test out and give my honest opinion about them. I received water brush pens, real brush pens, watercolor tubes, and fineliner pens. Arteza is a brand of affordable art supplies that makes a broad range of products.


I received the set of 48 different colors. The brush tip is made of nylon hairs so it feels very similar to a paintbrush when you're using it. You can use it as is to get a dry brush effect or blend with water to achieve a quite realistic watercolor look. Varying the pressure will yield thick and thin lines. The colors are vivid and blendable, but the pens are not marked by color name, so I did get confused at times. There were also a few brush pens that had inconsistent brush tips.


These are pretty awesome for the price. In this set, there are 3 large flat brushes and 3 smaller pointed brushes. They are fillable brushes, similar to the Pentel Aquash brush pens, so it's great for a travel art kit. I like that they are much larger, so they are weightier, and can hold more water. They have a push button that dispenses water. The barrel is rigid, instead of the barrel being flexible. The caps for the two largest brushes stay on, but the other ones cannot be posted. They just pop right off! Besides that issue, they are quite excellent, and I think they are pretty much a dupe for more expensive water brush pens.


In this set of 24 watercolor paints, there are lots of great colors for a beginner set for color mixing and they're also labeled! I wish they included colors like quinacridone red and Payne's gray, but this is the limit of their color range for this product. These blend well and mix well with other paints in the set. Each tube has 12 millileters or 0.4 ounces of watercolor paint. Besides the fineliners, these are my favorite product that I received!


  • These Arteza fineliner pens are similar to Stabilo or Staedler fineliners but with a much larger color range (this set has 48 different colors!) They have a 0.4 mm nib that feels very sturdy. The triangular barrel makes it comfortable to hold. Like the water brush pens, they do not have any color names or numbers, and the ink colors for several of them are much darker than the color of the cap. They're great for writing, lettering, color coding in journals/bullet journals.

I think that these products are great in their category for entry level art supplies. Of course, for a product of this affordability there will be some quality inconsistencies, but I think that judging by other reviews I've read, they have made improvements to their products because they listen to feedback. These are geared toward students, artists who are practicing, and people who want to pick up art as a hobby but don't want to spend a ton of money on artist-grade materials.

If you pick up any of these products, let me know what you think!


  • In the video I mentioned that the Real Brush Pens also come in a set of 72. They actually come in a set of 96.
  • All of the products were kindly given to me by Arteza, however, all of the opinions expressed in the video are my own.


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