Mapiful Customized Map Poster (Review)

When I was young, I used to draw maps of imaginary neighborhoods, and copy maps of fantasy lands from books. I adore using vintage map scrapbook paper and stickers to decorate my traveler's notebooks and journals. So, when Mapiful reached out to me, I just had to check out their customizable map posters.

I received my beautiful personalized map the other day and I am completely in love with it!


I’ve been thinking & journaling a lot about my hometown, Philadelphia, and my current home, Pittsburgh. There’s so many great things about both places, and I always find myself torn between the two. It took me a long time to decide on Pittsburgh (and to decide between all of the beautiful design options). I might get a poster of Philly next!


Mapiful's 'Design your own' map editor is user-friendly and intuitive. They offer several designs that you can tweak by clicking 'Customize appearance.'


After entering Pittsburgh as my location, I zoomed in far enough that you can see the details of the streets, but left it zoomed out enough that you could see most of the neighborhoods and the three rivers converging in the center of the map. I chose the 'Asphalt' map style and went with the a smaller 'Legend' at the bottom. I also thought that landscape suited the composition of the three rivers better!


Overall, I'm super pleased with my new map poster. The thick, matte paper is high quality, and is packaged neatly and securely in a shipping tube. My poster had a slight curl to it, but I placed some heavy objects on the corners and it flattened out overnight.

Mapiful was generous enough to give my followers and readers a discount code! You can get your own map of anywhere in the world, and you can use my code “saricastudio15” to get 15% off your order! This code is only valid until the end of February.

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