Journal With Me: How I Print Tiny Photos

I'm back with a JWM video! This will be my first Journal with Me ever since I switched from journalling in my traveler's notebook to my A6 Hobonichi. I'm using a bunch of stickers from the Pipsticks Pro Club Classic subscription, and explain how I print and cut tiny photos!

Today's spread features lots of stickers from the Pipsticks Pro Club Classic subscription. In the pack I got 15 sticker sheets, a raffle ticket, a zine, and a postcard that I can send to a friend for 50% off their first month. Pipsticks offers a Petite subscription as well, where you get 7 sticker sheets instead of 15. I am set for the month, and probably beyond that!


These are photos of my husband Sam and our dogs, and I'm gonna tell you all about them today! The brown dog is Zeva the Diva, and we adopted her from the Humane Society about three years ago. She's an Australian Cattle dog and Corgi mix and she's super attached to me. She's also really sassy. Our larger black dog is named Cubby Black Panther and he's still a puppy. He's a German Shepherd & Chow mix (possibly a little bit of Border Collie as well). He was actually a foster dog but we ended up adopting him too—Foster Fail! He was super traumatized by his past wen we got him, but slowly he opened up and now he's such a big goofball. He loves Zeva so much, but Zeva is constantly mean to him. I think she's jealous and she's a huge drama queen.


I caught these moments on my phone and I had to print them out. I print photos on my big printer and cut them down by hand or my paper cutter. I love capturing every day moments on my phone and printing them out. There's something about tangible printed out photos that is so much more special to me than just posting it online. Of course I love social media, I post on Instagram everyday, but there's just something nostalgic about looking at old physical photographs.

I hope to do more Hobonichi Journal With Me videos in the future and streamline my editing process so I have time to do them. They take me longer than other types of videos to edit, but I find that I'm kinda getting faster now that I'm learning more of the shortcuts and developing a streamlined workflow. We'll see! Thanks for joining me, and happy journaling!


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