The Ferris Wheel Press Brush Fountain Pen

I think I just found my new favorite fountain pen! This is the Brush Fountain Pen from Ferris Wheel Press, a stationery lifestyle brand where the whimsical sights, sounds and nostalgia of the carnival dance with the rat-tat-tat of a traditional print shop. You know I love fountain pens, so I was thrilled when they invited me to join their new campaign, “Fall In Love With Writing Again.”


When I first received the pen, I was struck by the attention to detail and the stunning package and design. The pen is elegantly simple with the cap on; once it’s off, the intricate engraved details become apparent.


The Brush Fountain Pen is possibly the most luxurious thing I’ve ever held in my hand. It is beautiful, impeccably designed, and an absolute joy to write with. I chose Printmaker’s Teal as a nod to my roots as a printmaker—and teal is one of my favorite colors! The nib is medium sized, and writes so smoothly. The brush shape of the pen makes it comfortable to hold, and the weight of the pen is just perfect.

The pen also came with a bottle of Rohrer & Klingner fountain pen ink. I chose Salix blue, and it is a gorgeous dark blue that dries quickly.


This is definitely one of those “treat yourself” pens that make for a great gift for a fountain pen lover that you know (or yourself!)


My lovely friends over at Ferris Wheel Press kindly created a discount code! Use the code "FWPXSARICA" to receive free international ground shipping when you purchase a Brush Fountain Pen from Ferris Wheel Press!