Hobonichi Flipthrough: July & August 2018

I know it’s been a while, and I’m so glad to be back. In this belated video, I flip through my journal entries for July and August. I put them together not only because this is quite late, but also because I haven’t been writing as much lately. Journaling daily fell by the wayside these past two months. Some days, I only wrote a few words, and several other days, I left the pages blank. Even so, I did enjoy journaling when I could. Throughout the video, I explain why I haven’t been posting as much!

In the beginning of July, I felt the residual effects of all the traveling and partying and celebrating that I did in June, and I was scrambling to catch up with life and work and shop orders. I played around with doing IGTV video, which I discovered is pretty much a vertical YouTube, but with less engagement. Most of my most creative journaling happened on days off or the weekends, which is why I’ve been considering switching back to an undated notebook for my daily journal next year. There were so many fun summer activities that happened during July, like music festivals, potlucks, and going to the pool, rooftop bars, and cookouts, which I alluded to with lettering and some writing. Maybe later on, I’ll paste some photos from these events in these blank spots.

As I look back on what I wrote and photographed, it seemed I was had a pretty great summer, going out with the dogs and friends and eating yummy food. I guess all the blank pages are when I was feeling overwhelmed with other things.

At the end of July, my family drove up to visit us and adopted a little puppy named Captain. he’s from the same Animal Rescue as my big dog Cubby! That whole weekend my family stayed at our place, and we were so busy with preparing for a new dog, and having fun with all the dogs that I didn’t journal about it until a few days after. That pushed all my other entries back, but I knew that I wanted to at least complete these entries about that special weekend when we first got Captain.

August came way too quickly. That first weekend I was away at a wedding, plus I was bridesmaid, so I was pretty swamped. After that beautiful occasion was over, I felt like I had to catch up on life again, so I skipped a few days until I got a chance to do just that.

I watched an early screening of Crazy Rich Asians, which I have a lot of feelings about as an Asian American—mostly positive feelings—but if I included that, this video would’ve be three hours long.

Because my journal is getting so thick with all of the things that I paste in here, from ticket stubs, to photographs, stickers, washi tape, and random bits of paper, I decided to start pasting less in here and start drawing more with my colored pencils. That worked for a while, but knowing me, that idea didn’t last very long at all, and I went back to my scrapbooking style of journal a few days later. That’s another factor in why I think I’m going to switch out of the Hobonichi for next year. I think thinner notebooks with less pages in it will be more manageable with all the things I like to paste in them.

At the end of August going into the beginning of September, I had a pretty big sale in my shop which kept me quite occupied. I’ve also been very busy with planning a wedding celebration—surprise! My husband and I eloped in 2015. It was just us two and it was just the way we wanted it. Now, three years later, we are having a celebration! It’s really coming down to the wire, because it is in October! And that is the real reason why I’ve been posting fewer videos and journaling less. Planning a wedding even when you’re already married is pretty daunting! However, I do feel a sense of renewed vigor, so maybe you’ll see more content soon—must be my learned behavior from back to school season.

Happy journaling my dears!



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