I’m Sarica (rhymes with America), an artist best known around the internet for art journaling and hand lettering. You can usually find me in my home studio, surrounded by journals, sketchbooks, fountain pens, art supplies, and a cup of tea. Through this website and other platforms, I offer guidance, resources, and inspiration on the many benefits of journaling and artmaking!

I started out as a teaching artist after obtaining my BA in Studio Art at The University of Pittsburgh in 2013. For five years thereafter, I was an Artist Educator at The Andy Warhol Museum and a teacher at Artissima Studio. During that time, I freelanced whenever I could, and I would post my work—primarily chalkboard and wedding calligraphy—online. By doing so, I stumbled upon the online art community and discovered niches for bullet journaling, hand lettering, art journaling, and so much more! As my internet following grew, I realized that my passion for teaching in person translated well online, so I started Sarica Studio in 2017 as a collective for all of the creative pursuits that I am passionate about. I’m so glad you are here to join me on my art journey!

I live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with my husband, Sam, and our three dogs: Zeva, Cubby, and Captain.

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